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Fig. 6

From: Systemic distribution of medullary bone in the avian skeleton: ground truthing criteria for the identification of reproductive tissues in extinct Avemetatarsalia

Fig. 6

Skeletal distributions of pneumaticity (grey), yellow bone marrow (yellow), and MB/red bone marrow (red). a: along the vertebral column; b: along the forelimb; c: along the hind limb; d: The virtual longitudinal sections of the femur, tibiotarsus, and tarsometatarsus of two different individuals illustrate the proximo-distal gradient of MB deposition observed in the hind limb of most sampled specimens. When MB deposition is restricted to the proximal half of the tibiotarsus, it is always absent in the associated tarsometatarsus, as in Cygnus atratus (CM-S16508). When present in the tarsometatarsus, MB is always deposited along the complete shaft of the associated tibiotarsus, as in Alisterus chloropterus (CM-S16123)

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