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Fig. 13

From: From molecular to cellular form: modeling the first major transition during the arising of life

Fig. 13

The influence of parasites on the competition between the protocell subsystem and the naked subsystem. Based upon the studies above (Figs. 11 and 12), by adjusting parameter values of PNF and PMC, as well as testing different random seeds, we managed to find a case in which the two subsystems are almost at balance (represents by black symbols; PNF = 0.0001 and PMC = 5 × 106). The situation is actually a little in favor of the naked ribozymes. After step 1 × 107, 50 molecules of parasites with a sequence of “CSTag + CSTag” (triangles) are inoculated into the two subsystems simultaneously (for the naked subsystem, distributed in 10 randomly chosen grid rooms containing REP and NSR, five each; for the protocell subsystem, distributed in 10 randomly chosen protocells containing REP and NSR, five each) every 5 × 106 step, resulting in the victory of protocells (see red symbols)

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