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Fig. 6

From: From molecular to cellular form: modeling the first major transition during the arising of life

Fig. 6

The natural emergence of NSR in a REP-thriving system. This case adopts the same parameter values as the case of Fig. 2, but with a different random seed. It is assumed that CSNSR is “CUCGAGAGAU”, only one base different from CSREP, which is “CUCGACAGAU”. a The dynamic plot. b Snapshots showing the appearance of the first NSR molecule (arrow) and the subsequent spread of NSR in the system (note that the grid has a toroidal topology, i.e., the left edge is actually adjacent to the right edge and the upper edge is actually adjacent to the lower edge). Raw materials (nucleotide precursors) are shown as yellow background, with color depth representing their quantity in the corresponding grid room. Nucleotides are denoted by tiny cyan dots (if you are reading the e-version you may zoom in for a closer observation). Solid circles denotes REP (green), NSR (blue) and parasites (red), with diameters in scale of molecular sizes (RNA chain lengths)

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