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Fig. 1

From: Functional diversification of horizontally acquired glycoside hydrolase family 45 (GH45) proteins in Phytophaga beetles

Fig. 1

Western blot and CMC-based agarose-diffusion assay of target GH45 proteins. a) Western blot of target recombinant enzymes expressed in frame with a V5/(His)6 after heterologous expression in insect Sf9 cells. After 72 h, crude culture medium of transfected cells was harvested and analyzed by Western blotting using an anti-V5 HRP-coupled antibody. b) Crude culture medium of transfected cells was applied to an agarose-diffusion assay containing 0.1% CMC. Activity halos were revealed after 16 h incubation at 40 °C using Congo red. Numbers above Western blot and agarose-diffusion assays correspond to the respective species of GH45s depicted in Additional file 1: Table S1

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