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Fig. 4

From: Functional diversification of horizontally acquired glycoside hydrolase family 45 (GH45) proteins in Phytophaga beetles

Fig. 4

Phylogenetic relationships of Phytophaga-derived GH45s. A maximum-likelihood-inferred phylogeny of the predicted amino acid sequences of beetle-derived GH45s was performed. Bootstrap values are indicated at corresponding branches. Information on sequences and their accession number are given in Additional file 1: Table S2. Dots indicate GH45s characterized to date and are color-coded based on their activity: green = endo-β-1,4-glucanases; blue = endo-β-1,4-xyloglucanases; yellow = (gluco)mannanases; red = no activity detected. Color coding in reference to the respective subfamily of Curculionoidea: pink = Scolytinae (Curculionidae); brown = Entiminae (Curculionidae); purple = Cyclominae (Curculionidae); gray = Curculioninae (Curculionidae); yellow = Molytinae (Curculionidae); light blue = Brentinae (Brentidae); dark blue = Dryophthorinae (Curculionidae). Color coding in reference to the respective subfamily of Chrysomeloidea: dark green = Chrysomelinae (Chrysomelidae); light green = Galerucinae (Chrysomelidae); orange = Lamiinae (Cerambycidae); cyan = Cassidinae (Chrysomelidae)

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