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Fig. 6

From: Multiple independent L-gulonolactone oxidase (GULO) gene losses and vitamin C synthesis reacquisition events in non-Deuterostomian animal species

Fig. 6

D. melanogaster females shown L-ascorbate levels that are three times higher than those measured in male flies. A) L-ascorbate levels were assessed in homogenates containing 25 individuals per millilitre of extraction buffer using reverse-phase HPLC, as described in “Material and Methods” (black line). To guaranty the identity of the L-ascorbate peak, 10 units of Ascorbate Oxidase (AO) were used to oxidise the L-ascorbate present in the sample (dashed line). A chromatogram resulting from the separation of a 10 μM L-ascorbate standard, prepared in extraction buffer, is also shown (grey line). B) The levels of L-ascorbate were assessed in virgin (white bars), mated (grey bars) and in axenic mated flies (black bars) from both genders. The values represent the averages of at least three independent experiments, and the error bar represents the standard deviation. A two-tailed unpaired t-test was used to identify significant differences between samples; *** P-value ≤0.001

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