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Fig. 7

From: Multiple independent L-gulonolactone oxidase (GULO) gene losses and vitamin C synthesis reacquisition events in non-Deuterostomian animal species

Fig. 7

D. melanogaster L-ascorbate levels decrease during cold acclimation (15 °C) and are fully recovered after 1 d at 25 °C. L-ascorbate was measured in 7-days-old flies (control), in flies incubated for one day at 15 °C (cold acclimation) and in flies subjected to cold acclimation followed by a recovery at 25 °C during one day (recovery). L-ascorbate levels decrease approximately 23% after 1 d at 15 °C and are recovered to the levels measured in the control after 1 d of recovery at 25 °C. The indicated averages were obtained from, at least, three independent experiments, and the error bar represent the associated standard deviation. A two-tailed unpaired t-test was used to identify significant differences between samples; * P-value ≤0.05

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