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Fig. 6

From: Multiple origins of melanism in two species of North American tree squirrel (Sciurus)

Fig. 6

Cysteine-rich domain of the agouti signalling protein. Sequence of the cysteine-rich domain of the fox squirrel (all numbering follows squirrel ASIP sequence). Disulphide bridges are shown as black lines connecting cysteines which are shaded. The bridges are predicted from those of mouse and human ASIP [36]. Mutations in the fox squirrel (Gly121Cys), dog and alpaca (Arg98Cys), [37, 38], pampas cat (Arg118Cys) [21] and Asian golden cat (Cys126Trp), [24] are boxed and highlighted with arrows. The highly conserved RFF sequence is underlined and shaded

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