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Fig. 3

From: Molecular phylogenetics of the African horseshoe bats (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae): expanded geographic and taxonomic sampling of the Afrotropics

Fig. 3

Maximum likelihood phylogeny of mitochondrial cytochrome-b sequences of Rhinolophus. The phylogeny was inferred in IQ-TREE and its topology was very similar to the Bayesian phylogeny calculated in MRBAYES. Filled black circles on nodes denote bootstrap values (BS) ≥ 70% and Bayesian posterior probabilities (PP) ≥ 0.95, left-half-filled circles indicate BS ≥ 70% and PP < 0.95, right-half-filled circles indicate BS < 70% and PP ≥ 0.95, and unmarked nodes indicate BS < 70% and PP < 0.95. Specific epithets in parentheses following clade names indicate sequences from specimens used in recent species descriptions that were not supported as monophyletic and are subordinate to other clades and would render them paraphyletic. Branch colors indicate individual clade membership; species groups are from [13]

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