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Table 1 Allometries for testes weight, spermatophore gland mass and subgenital plate width in Metaplastes ornatus. OLS models using hindleg length (to the power of three for testes and spermatophore gland models), with population origin as fixed factor (common slope). Additionally, the p value testing for a difference of the slope to one is given. df = 379

From: Impact of low sperm competition on male reproductive trait allometries in a bush-cricket

Variable Estimate Std. error t value p (H0:0) p (H0:1)
log testes mass [mg] 0.234 0.066 3.519 0.0005 < 0.00001
log spermatophore gland mass [mg] 0.778 0.111 6.996 < 0.00001 0.047
log subgenital plate width [mm] 0.398 0.057 6.942 < 0.00001 < 0.00001