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Fig. 4

From: Unravelling the hybrid vigor in domestic equids: the effect of hybridization on bone shape variation and covariation

Fig. 4

Graphical models of the rPLS coefficients obtained on the appendicular bones of hybrids (a), horses (b) and donkeys (c). The line thickness is proportional to the coefficient values (the boldest lines corresponding to the strongest intensity of covariation). The absence significant of covariation (non-significant PLS result) is represented by a double slash ‘//’. Abbreviations: S, scapula; H, humerus; R, radio-ulna; MC, metacarpal bone; PA1, proximal anterior phalanx; PA2, middle anterior phalanx; PA3, distal anterior phalanx; C, coxal bone; F, femur; T, tibia; MT, metatarsal bone; TA, talus; CA, calcaneus; PP1, proximal posterior phalanx; PP2, middle posterior phalanx; PP3, distal posterior phalanx

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