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Fig. 3

From: Convergent evolution in toothed whale cochleae

Fig. 3

Results of SURFACE analysis of the cochlear morphology of 48 toothed whale species. This shows the phylogenetic tree of Steeman et al. [19], pruned to taxa sampled in this study only, with convergent regimes painted on branches. Convergent regimes are as follows: purple: (regime A) Physeteridae and Ziphiidae (except Mesoplodon mirus and Ziphius cavirostris); yellow: (regime B) Mesoplodon mirus and Ziphius cavirostris; and green: (regime C) Kogiidae and Phocoenoides dalli. Grey branches show species that are not members of any convergent regime. Illustrations showing representative members of each odontocete family drawn by Carl Buell, used with permission

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