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Table 5 Mitochondrial genetic divergence for the main geographic groups observed within flat periwinkles, after removing potential introgressed individuals

From: Phylogeographic history of flat periwinkles, Littorina fabalis and L. obtusata

Group1- fNE12- fNE23- fIP4- oN5- oIP
1- fNE10.00120.00690.00810.01290.0177
2- fNE20.00500.00260.00720.01210.0166
3- fIP0.00660.00500.00180.01300.0181
4- oN0.00950.00800.00930.00560.0171
5- oIP0.01580.01410.01600.01310.0025
  1. Divergence within each group is indicated in the diagonal in bold; Dxy, above the diagonal; Da below diagonal. fNE1 – L. fabalis from northern Europe, fNE2 – L. fabalis from central Europe, fIP – L. fabalis from Iberian Peninsula. oN – L. obtusata from North America and from northern-central Europe, oIP – L. obtusata from Iberian Peninsula. Geographic groups were defined according to Fig. 4