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Table 1 Taxa used in this study

From: A genome-skimmed phylogeny of a widespread bryozoan family, Adeonidae

TaxonBLEED nr.LocationAccession nr.Circularised mitogenome (bp)Genes
Adeona foliifera fascialis298W. AusMK894382, MK894346, MN13116914,57717
Adeona foliifera fascialis297W. AusMK894378, MK894344, MN13114814,57416
Adeona sp.1746W. AusMK894379, MN13115114,57815
Adeona sp.1749W. AusMK894381, MK894345, MN13114714,57816
Adeona sp.2293W. AusMK894376, MK894342, MN13115914,67117
Adeona sp.2295W. AusMK894377, MK894343, MN13115314,70117
Adeona sp.3292W. AusMK894380, MK894375, MN13115014,69317
Adeona sp.4294W. AusMK894383, MK894374, MN13115514,66317
Adeona sp.5438W. AusMK894384, MK894347, MN13117116,22917
Adeona sp.5444W. AusMK894385, MK894348, MN131154 17
Adeona japonica49JPMK894386, MK894372, MN131175 17
Adeonellopsis sp.1303W. AusMK894404, MK894364, MN131166 16
Adeonellopsis sp.2301W. AusMK894405, MK894365, MN131149 17
Adeonellopsis cf. australis300W. AusMK894402, MK894362, MN131167 17
Adeonellopsis sp.3306W. AusMK894403, MK894363, MN131172 13
Adeonellopsis sp.4344NZMK894406, MK894366, MN131174 17
Adeonellopsis sp.448NZMK894407, MK894367, MN13115215,19817
Bracebridgia sp.750W. AusMK894390, MK894370, MN131163 14
Adeonella cf. lichenoides305W. AusMK894399, MK894355, MN131170 17
Adeonella cf. lichenoides439W. AusMK894396, MK894352, MN131162 17
Adeonella cf. lichenoides429W. AusMK894398, MK894353, MN131146 17
Adeonella sp.1416W. AusMK894397, MK894354, MN131144 17
Adeonella sp.2417W. AusMK894395, MK894351, MN131176 16
Adeonella pluscula393SAMK894391, MK894349, MN13115719,24117
Adeonella pluscula410SAMK894392, MK894350, MN13116119,43616
Laminopora jellyae391SAMK894393, MK894357, MN131177–81 13
Laminopora jellyae408SAMK894394, MK894358, MN131182–87 15
Laminopora contorta373CVMK894400, MK894356, MN131158 17
Reptadeonella bipartita401BRMK894388, MK894369, MN131173 15
Reptadeonella brasiliensis396BRMK894389, MK894373, MN13116416,95716
Reptadeonella aff. violacea41CRMK894387, MK894371, MN13116014,69617
Cucullipora sp.302W. AusMK894401, MK894368, MN13115618,24416
Adeonella calveti38ALGMK894408, MK894359, MN13116816,85917
Adeonella cf. pallasii39CYMK894409, MK894360, MN131145 17
Adeonella pallasii40CRMK894410, MK894361, MN131165 16
Bugula neritina  NC_010197 15
Celleporella hyalina  JN680948, NC_018344 15
Flustra foliacea  FJ196110, NC_016722 16
Flustrellidra hispida  FJ409601, FJ409577, NC_008192 15
Membranipora grandicella  NC_018355 14
Pectinatella magnifica  FJ409600, FJ409576, NC_038192 16
Tubulipora flabellaris  EU650325, DQ333340, NC_015646 15
Watersipora subtorquata  JN680947, JN681042, NC_011820 16
  1. In-group taxa generated for this study are shown in white, whilst outgroup taxa are shown in grey. BLEED stands for Bryozoan Lab for Ecology, Evolution and Development and BLEED numbers are numerical tags for the specimens. Accession nr. refer to those at NCBI. Abbreviations for countries (descending order): W. Aus Western Australia, JP Japan, NZ New Zealand, SA South Africa, CV Cape Verde, BR Brazil, CR Croatia, ALG Algeria, and CY Cyprus. The size, in base pairs (bp), of the mitogenome are only shown if it is closed/circularised. Genes, represents the number of genes, of maximum 17, recovered and used in the alignments for each taxon. For an expanded overview of metadata see Additional file 2: Table S1