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Table 1 Analysis of cox proportional hazards for survivorship post-infection for (A) Pseudomonas entomophila and (B) Staphylococcus succinius, and analysis of bacterial colony count data (natural log transformed) against Providencia rettgeri (C), Significant effects are marked in bold

From: Absence of reproduction-immunity trade-off in male Drosophila melanogaster evolving under differential sexual selection

A. Survivorship against Pseudomonas entomophila
Selection− 5035.20.970110.325
Mating_status− 5011.846.851817.656e-12
Selection × Mating_status−5011.60.290910.59
B. Survivorship against Staphylococcus succinus
Selection− 4377.63.431410.361
Selection × Mating_status−4377.50.162410.675
C. Bacterial clearance ability against Providentiarettgeri
 Sum SqMean SqNumDFDenDFF.valuePr(>F)
Selection× Mating_status0.1260.12617.03010.02790.872035