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Fig. 9

From: Towards a synthesis of the Caribbean biogeography of terrestrial arthropods

Fig. 9

Phylogeny and ancestral range estimation for Drosophila flies. BioGeoBEARS phylogram corresponding to the BAYAREALIKE + J D1a model (Table 1) for the tree with the relationship of D. belladunni and D. acutilabella constrained (see Additional file 1). Asterisks indicate differences between the constrained and unconstrained trees in the ancestral range estimation. The tree shows the single most probable geographical range at each node pre- and post-split. Colors correspond to Fig. 1. SA = South America; CA = Central America; NA = North America; GA = Greater Antilles; JA = Jamaica; SLA = Southern Lesser Antilles; NLA = Northern Lesser Antilles; FL = Florida; BAR = Barbados. Drosophila photo by Mark Yokoyama

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