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Fig. 1

From: Basal hsp70 expression levels do not explain adaptive variation of the warm- and cold-climate O3 + 4 + 7 and OST gene arrangements of Drosophila subobscura

Fig. 1

Representation of hsp70 5′ cis-regulatory elements of OST and O3 + 4 + 7 lines. The two copies of the gene (A and B) are included. Green rectangles: HSEs 1–4, where numbers in brackets represent the number of nGAAn or nTTCn pentanucleotide units. Red ellipse: GAGAG (G+) repeat motifs. Blue ellipses: CTCTC (G-) repeat motifs. Orange triangle: TATA box. The scale represents nucleotides relative to the transcription start site (+ 1), indicated by a forward arrow

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