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Table 2 Fertility: generalized linear mixt models (GLMM, Poisson distribution, Log link function) analysing the factors influencing the number of larvae produced by females (a), (n = 638) and males (b), (n = 737)

From: Sex-specific patterns of senescence in artificial insect populations varying in sex-ratio to manipulate reproductive effort

Female mass182.755< 0.001Female mass1243.13< 0.001
Age1388.9< 0.001Age194.819< 0.001
Sex-ratio x Age2100.44< 0.001    
  1. Initial models included Sex-ratio condition, Age (in weeks as a continuous variable), their interaction, male and female body mass (Mass in mg) and replicates as a random factor. The models shown here are those minimizing the AICc, with δAICc > 2. Age was allowed to vary up to 11 and 13 weeks in females and males, respectively. Beyond these values no insects could be assayed anymore in some sex-ratio conditions (see Additional file 1: Figure S2). Values where p ≤ 0.05 are given in bold