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Table 3 Body condition and immune parameters. Mixed linear models or generalized linear model analysing the factors influencing body condition (a), PO activity (b), Total PO activity (c), haemocyte count (d), the proportion of beetles exhibiting antibacterial activity in their haemolymph (e) and the intensity of this antibacterial activity as the size of the zone of inhibition (f) in both females (left) and males (right). Models included sex-ratio condition, Age in weeks (ordinal variable), their interaction, body condition, and replicates as a random factor

From: Sex-specific patterns of senescence in artificial insect populations varying in sex-ratio to manipulate reproductive effort

d.f.d.f. den.F or χ2Pd.f.d.f. den.F or χ2P
A Body condition#
 Age3207.917.14< 0.0013215.16.64< 0.001
 Age x Sex-ratio6207.60.720.6376215.10.230.964
B PO activity#
 Age3199.86.76< 0.0013211.98.20< 0.001
 Age x Sex-ratio6198.30.750.6066211.32.210.043
 Body condition1208.96.82< 0.0011222.92.250.135
C Total-PO activity#
 Age318910.90< 0.0013201.82.490.061
 Age x Sex-ratio61890.400.8776201.21.250.282
 Body condition11896.100.0141210.80.830.364
D Haemocyte#
 Age3193.81.280.28132086.90< 0.001
 Sex ratio211.40.040.963    
E Antibacterial activity (proportion)§
 Age3 42.89< 0.0013 12.879< 0.001
 Body condition1 1.19020.2751 10.5950.157
 Age    3 14.3910.002
 Sex-ratio    2 2.23310.327
F Antibacterial activity (intensity)#1
 Age3 2.270.088    
 Sex-ratio    2 4.270.019
  1. The models presented here are those minimizing the AICc, with ΔAICc > 2. Values where p ≤ 0.05 are given in bold. # Linear model, § GLM, distribution: binomial, link function: Logit, 1 because a low number of animals showed antimicrobial activity in some conditions (Fig. 4b, d), data were not available for some replicates, therefore replicates were omitted for these models