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Table 3 Select ontology over-representation among the 25% of M. galloprovincialis proteins with most salt bridges per amino acid

From: High-throughput quantification of protein structural change reveals potential mechanisms of temperature adaptation in Mytilus mussels

Gene ontology IDOntologyNumber in backgroundNumber in upper 25%Number expected in upper 25%P-value
A. Biological process
 GO:0006082organic acid metabolic process330.830.019
 GO:0019752carboxylic acid metabolic process330.830.019
 GO:0006915apoptotic process1584.170.018
 GO:0008219cell death1584.170.018
B. Molecular function
 GO:0016740transferase activity1082.80< 0.001
 GO:0004364glutathione transferase activity330.840.020