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Figure 2

From: A Δ11 desaturase gene genealogy reveals two divergent allelic classes within the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis)

Figure 2

Δ11 desaturase gene genealogy for ECB, using ACB as an 'outgroup'. Shown is the maximum parsimony gene genealogy with ACB sequences labeled in bold and major clades denoted "A" and "B". ECB individuals are labeled with abbreviations for states or countries (NY = New York, NC = North Carolina, HUN = Hungary) and with Z or E to indicate to which pheromone strain they belong. ACB2 was chosen as an outgroup (as opposed to ACB1) because ACB2 is similar to ECB alleles from the European population in Hungary. Bootstrap values are indicated based on analysis using 1,000 replicates. Values less than 75% are not shown.

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