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Table 2 Biacore analysis of BALB and CAST IL4 binding to IL4Rα

From: Diversifying selection and functional analysis of interleukin-4 suggests antagonism-driven evolution at receptor-binding interfaces

  ka(1/Ms) kd(1/s) KA(1/M) KD(M)
BALB IL4 2.49E+06 5.18E-04 4.79E+09 2.09E-10
CAST IL4 3.16E+06 7.13E-04 4.44E+09 2.26E-10
  1. Data are the average of two independent experiments performed with two independently coupled chips.
  2. ka is the association rate constant (M-1s-1);
  3. kd - is the dissociation rate constant (s-1);
  4. KA - is the equilibrium binding (affinity) constant (ka/kd) (1/M);
  5. KD - is the equilibrium dissociation constant (kd/ka) (M)