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Table 3 Conservation of five putative calcium coordinating residues in C2 domains.

From: Phylogenetic analysis of ferlin genes reveals ancient eukaryotic origins

  Dysferlin Paralogs Orthologs
C2A No N/A N/A
C2B No N/A N/A
C2C Yes No No
C2D Yes No Yes (1,2)
C2E Yes Yes Yes (1)
C2F Yes Yes Yes(1)
  1. Key: Yes indicates that all five aspartates are conserved; No indicates all five could not be identified; N/A indicates these domains were not tested for aspartates as the corresponding dysferlin C2 domains have not conserved the five aspartates; 1 indicates no conservation in Cele; 2 indicates no conservation in Dmel. Residues considered as having potential for calcium coordination include aspartic and glutamic acid.