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Figure 2

From: Molecular evidence for ten species and Oligo-Miocene vicariance within a nominal Australian gecko species (Crenadactylus ocellatus, Diplodactylidae)

Figure 2

Phylogeny and distribution of Crenadactylus. (A) Bayesian chronogram showing estimated age of 10 candidate species of Crenadactylus and exemplars of major lineages of pygopodoids based on concatenated nuclear dataset. Letters at major nodes correspond with those in Table 1. (B) Bayesian consensus tree from ND2 data showing structure and relationships between 10 candidate taxa of Crenadactylus with Bayesian, ML and MP support values for key nodes (values of 1.00 or 100 indicated by*). (C) Known localities of Crenadactylus based on voucher specimens in all Australian Museums. (D) Localities and nominal taxonomic designation for each genetically typed specimen included in our analyses.

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