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Figure 3

From: Evolutionary history of anglerfishes (Teleostei: Lophiiformes): a mitogenomic perspective

Figure 3

Representatives of ceratioid families as recognized in this study-2. (A) Oneirodidae: Oneirodes sp., 31 mm SL, MCZ 57783 (photo by C. P. Kenaley); (B) Oneirodidae: Spiniphryne duhameli Pietsch and Baldwin, 117 mm SL, SIO 60-239; (C) Caulophrynidae: Caulophryne pelagica (Brauer), 183 mm SL, BMNH 2000.1.14.106 (photo by D. Shale); (D) Neoceratiidae: Neoceratias spinifer Pappenheim, 52 mm SL, with 15.5-mm SL parasitic male, ZMUC P921726 (after Bertelsen, 1951); (E) Gigantactinidae: Gigantactis gargantua Bertelsen, Pietsch, and Lavenberg, 166 mm SL, LACM 9748-028; (F) Linophrynidae: Photocorynus spiniceps Regan, 46-mm SL, with 6.2-mm SL parasitic male, SIO 70-326; (G) Linophrynidae: Haplophryne mollis (Brauer), 36 mm SL, MNHN 2004-0811; (H) Linophrynidae: Linophryne macrodon Regan, 28 mm SL, UW 47538 (photo by C. P. Kenaley); (I) Linophrynidae: Linophryne polypogon Regan, 33 mm SL, BMNH 2004.9.12.167 (photo by P. David). Courtesy of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.

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