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Table 1 A priori taxonomic status of the panel of 13 Musaceae entries

From: A multi gene sequence-based phylogeny of the Musaceae (banana) family

International Transit
Centre (ITC) code
Accession name Genus Section Species/Group
Basic chromosome
number (x)
0249 Calcutta4 Musa Eumusa acuminata [Colla] * burmannica [N.W.Simmonds] 11
0728 Maia Oa Musa Eumusa acuminata [Colla] * zebrina [Van Houtte ex. Planch.] 11
1120 Tani Musa Eumusa balbisiana [Colla] #   11
n/a Pisang Klutuk Wulung Musa Eumusa balbisiana [Colla] #   11
0637 Musa ornata Musa Rhodochlamys ornata [Roxb.] ornata 11
1411 Musa mannii Musa Rhodochlamys sanguinea [Hook.f.]   11
0539 Musa textilis Musa Australimusa textilis [Née] textilis 10
0614 Musa maclayi Hung Si Musa Australimusa maclayi [F.Muell] maclayi 10
1021 Menei Musa Australimusa Fe'i domesticated 10
1070 Musa beccarii Musa Callimusa beccarii [N.W.Simmonds] beccarii 9
0287 Musa coccinea Musa Callimusa coccinea [Andrews]   10
1387 Ensete ventricosum Ensete   ventricosum [Welw.] ventricosum 9
n/a Musella lasiocarpa Musella   lasiocarpa [Franch.]   9
  1. * M. acuminata species, hereafter also reffered to as the A - genome group
  2. # M. balbisiana species, hereafter also reffered to as the B - genome group