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Figure 5

From: Home and away- the evolutionary dynamics of homing endonucleases

Figure 5

Phase diagrams depicting the evolutionary fate of the Z allele, in color scale (Right), after an invasion by a Z' allele, with a different homing ability h' and toxicity t'. A. h' < h and t' < t. B. h' > h and t' > t. Expectedly, for h' < h and t' > t, Z' will never invade, while for h' > h and t' < t, Z' will always invade (results not shown). The colors correspond to the average Z frequency in the last 104 of 106 generations, u = 10-4, v = 10-6, and the rest of the parameters were chosen for a high value of z (0.733) in a stable equilibrium: s = 10-2, t = 10-3, hm = 0.0123.

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