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Figure 3

From: Evolution of specifier proteins in glucosinolate-containing plants

Figure 3

Phylogenetic tree of JAL domains of NSPs from Brassicaceae as well as homologs composed of JAL domains identified in databases. Amino acid sequences of JAL domains of eight NSPs (marked with a black circle) and 26 homologs of unknown function from A. thaliana or Oryza sativa (Poaceae) were subjected to phylogenetic analysis using the Maximum Likelihood algorithm. A homolog from O. sativa was used as an outgroup. The two JAL domains of AtNSP4 were considered separately, with the N-terminal domain termed A and the following domain termed B. The tree was generated with 1000 bootstrap repetitions. Bootstrap values are given at the nodes. Branch lengths refer to the number of substitutions per site. A scale bar is given below the tree.

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