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Figure 3

From: Genetic structure and bio-climatic modeling support allopatric over parapatric speciation along a latitudinal gradient

Figure 3

Testing hybridisation patterns at a distributional overlap zone ( T. oreades and T. mongaensis at Monga NP). a) Factorial analysis comparing all individuals from all tested populations from T. oreades (white squares) and T. mongaensis (black triangles). The individuals from the Monga NP site morphologically assigned to either of the two species are represented in grey. b) NewHybrids results comparing the individuals (single bars) from the Monga NP site to the geographically closest populations of T. mongaensis (Dasyurus PA, River Forest Road) and T. oreades (Waratah Creek). T.m. DPA: T. mongaensis – Dasyurus PA; T.m. RFrd: T. mongaensis – River Forest Road; T.m. MNP: T. mongaensis – Monga NP (sympatric); T.o. MNP: T. oreades – Monga NP (sympatric); T.o. WC: T. oreades – Waratah Creek. Black represents% assignment to T. mongaensis genotype, white represents% assignment to T. oreades, grey represents% assignment to hybrid.

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