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Figure 2

From: Evolutionary history of the recruitment of conserved developmental genes in association to the formation and diversification of a novel trait

Figure 2

Localization of four developmental proteins in presumptive (eye)spots of outgroup species. Detection of Antp (green), N (yellow), Dll (red), and Sal (blue) proteins for outgroup species D. plexippus (Nymphalidae, Danainae), P. rapae (Pieridae), and P. machaon and P. apollo (Papilionidae) with the adult wing (left) and sample size (bottom right corner). J. coenia (Nymphalinae) and B. anynana (Satyrinae) expression patterns are shown as reference for respective subfamilies (cf. [9] and Figure 1). Note that, in some images, the localization of the eyespot organizer genes at the center of a wing compartment bordered by veins in larval wings does not associate to any eyespot in the adult wings. In these instances, the expression of such genes disappears during eyespot development but it reflects the potential of those compartments to form an eyespot (as it happens in some genetic stocks; see [36, 38]).

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