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Figure 4 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 4

From: Evolutionary history of the recruitment of conserved developmental genes in association to the formation and diversification of a novel trait

Figure 4

Ancestral reconstruction of protein recruitment to presumptive eyespot center. Parsimony (A) and maximum likelihood (B) reconstructions of the evolutionary history of the recruitment of Antp, N, Dll, and Sal for expression at the putative (eye)spot organizers. (A) Two equally parsimonious scenarios with different optimizations are shown: ACCTRAN favoring reversals (top), and DELTRAN favoring parallelisms (bottom). Hash marks represent gain and × loss of expression. (B) The estimated probabilities for each protein at the presumptive (eye)spot centers is represented by piecharts at ancestral nodes: from 100% probability (black) to 0% (white); probabilities not determined in grey. Divergence times (bottom) are shown in Million years ago (Ma) [42, 43].

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