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Figure 3

From: Diversification of the expanded teleost-specific toll-like receptor family in Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua

Figure 3

Partial synteny map of the genomic region surrounding teleost-specific Atlantic cod tlr genes. A. Partial map of the genomic regions surrounding the Atlantic cod tlr21, tlr22 and tlr23 paralogues. Their genomic location based on the current draft genomic sequence of Atlantic cod (gadMor1 v67.1) is also indicated. B. Partial synteny map between cod tlr22a, tlr22b and tlr22e and tlr22 of stickleback (G. aculeatus), green-spotted pufferfish (T. nigroviridis) and tiger pufferfish (T. rubripes). Tlr22 paralogues are connected by black lines while genes in their vicinity are connected by grey lines to show synteny amongst these four teleosts. Genes are not represented to scale.

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