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Figure 7

From: Phylogeography and postglacial expansion of the endangered semi-aquatic mammal Galemys pyrenaicus

Figure 7

Dating analysis of the Galemys pyrenaicus sequences. (A) Bayesian dating analysis of mammalian sequences used to estimate the divergence time of Galemys and Desmana. Fossil constraints were used for the nodes corresponding to Laurasiatheria (1), Ferungulata (2), Cetartiodactyla (3), Cetruminantia (4), Zooamata (5) and Carnivora (6). Grey bars on each node represent the 95% HPD interval of the date. (B) Bayesian dating analysis of G. pyrenaicus mitochondrial sequences using the Galemys-Desmana split as calibration point. Colors indicate the four mitochondrial lineages of G. pyrenaicus recovered in the phylogeographic analysis. Outgroup sequences belonging to Talpinae are not shown.

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