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Figure 2

From: Evolutionary implications of the divergent long bone histologies of Nothosaurus and Pistosaurus(Sauropterygia, Triassic)

Figure 2

Sauropterygian long bones with planes of section marked (arrows). A, humerus of Nothosaurus sp. indet. [from [93]]. Note that Nothosaurus humeri are morphologically more differentiated than those of the more advanced taxa. B, femur of Nothosaurus sp. indet. [from [2]]; C, humerus of Pistosaurus longaevus [from [8]]; D, femur of Pistosaurus longaevus [from [2]]; E, humerus of a plesiosaur [from [94]], figured for better morphological comparison with other sauropterygian long bones; F, femur of a plesiosaur [from [94]]. Proximal is at the top in all bones. Bones in A and D-F are shown in dorsal view; bones in B and C are shown in ventral view. Not to scale.

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