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Figure 1

From: Comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of all species of swordtails and platies (Pisces: Genus Xiphophorus) uncovers a hybrid origin of a swordtail fish, Xiphophorus monticolus, and demonstrates that the sexually selected sword originated in the ancestral lineage of the genus, but was lost again secondarily

Figure 1

Map of the distributions of Xiphophorus species. (a) Geographical distributions of all described 26 species in the genus Xiphophorus including the four newly described species – X. monticolus, X. mixei, X. kallmani and X. mayae (colored in blue) and two species of a putatively hybrid origin, X. monticolus and X. clemenciae (in bold). (b) Geographical distributions of three species in the clemenciae clade (maps are modified from [2, 58]).

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