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Figure 10

From: From algae to angiosperms–inferring the phylogeny of green plants (Viridiplantae) from 360 plastid genomes

Figure 10

Fifty percent maximum likelihood majority-rule bootstrap consensus tree of Viridiplantae inferred from the all nucleotide positions (ntAll) analysis. Portion of tree showing Monilophyta, Lycopodiophyta , and Acrogymnospermae. Data set derived from 78 protein-coding genes of the plastid genome (ntax = 360; 58,347 bp; missing data ~15.6%). Bootstrap support values ≥ 50% are indicated. See also Figure 5 for a summary tree of major Viridiplantae clades and Additional file 1 for taxonomy. Note position of Lycopodiophyta as sister to Spermatophyta is likely caused by base composition bias (see text). Tree continued in Figures 9 and 11.

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