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Table 1 The putative promoter elements recognized by phage-encoded σ factor in the 7 - 11 genome; The sequences are flanked by the number of the downstream gene (left) and the starting genomic coordinate - 5' end of the "TG" segment for long motifs and of the core "TGATGT"' segment for short motifs (right); The third to eight position in the motifs correspond to the consensus core motif 'TGATGT", while the upstream and the downstream flanking sequences correspond, respectively, to the "TG" segment and the "TATA" element.

From: Inferring bacteriophage infection strategies from genome sequence: analysis of bacteriophage 7-11 and related phages

Gene Detected elements Coordinate
Long motifs ("late" promoters)
1 tgtgatgttata 995 bp
1 tgtgatgttata 1091 bp
1 tgtaatgttata 1056 bp
1 ggggatgttata 844 bp
  Short motifs ("middle" promoters)  
1 agtgatgtgtaa 1741 bp
1 tttgatgtagtc 91 bp
25 agtgatgtttgg 26138 bp
88 tttgatgtatct 56848 bp
116 tttgatgtagac 72349 bp
122 cctgatgtaact 76982 bp
  1. Bases that match the consensus sequence are marked in bold.