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Figure 1

From: Evolution of glutamate dehydrogenase genes: evidence for lateral gene transfer within and between prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Figure 1

Maximum likelihood tree of GDH-1 The phylogenetic tree is based on 380 unambiguously aligned amino acid positions. The Γ shape parameter, α, was estimated to 0.76 with no invariable sites detected (Pinv = 0). The tree is arbitrarily rooted. Eukaryotes are labeled red and Eubacteria black. Potential inter-domain and intra-domain LGTs supported by a maximum likelihood bootstrap support value > 50% are indicated by red and green ovals, respectively. Protein maximum likelihood bootstrap values are shown above the branches and protein maximum likelihood distance bootstrap values are shown below the branches. Only values >50% for bipartitions are shown, except that maximum likelihood distance bootstrap values <50% are shown in parentheses at nodes where potential transfers are indicated.

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