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Figure 1

From: Evolution of sexual asymmetry

Figure 1

Mating type, pan-sexual and zygote abundances in time, at zero fitness erosion rate (φ = 0)) and zero inbreeding effect (ξ = 0). Other parameters (in all simulations): Mean-field (upper-panel): birth rate of pre-zygote cells: 0.001; birth rate of post-zygote cells: 0.0015; death rate of pre-zygote cells: 0.12; death rate of post-zygote cells: 0.08; sex rate: 0.0003; germination rate: 15.0; grid size: 90.000. Cellular automaton (lower-panel): birth probability of pre-zygote cells: 0.8; birth probability of post-zygote cells: 0.9; death probability of pre-zygote cells: 0.3; death probability of post-zygote cells: 0.2; sex probability: 0.8; germination probability: 0.8; grid size: 300 × 300 (= 90.000) See the Methods section for details.

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