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Figure 8

From: Genome-wide comparative analysis of the IQD gene families in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa

Figure 8

Organization of IQ motifs in major families of calmodulin-binding proteins. The scheme depicts the arrangement of the multiple IQ motifs present in proteins of the IQD family (this study; [37]), the CAMTA family of calmodulin-binding transcriptional activators [59-61], the myosin family [58], and the CNGC family of cyclic nucleotide gated channels [57, 104]. The IQ motifs are shown as light-blue boxes. Predicted and experimentally verified calmodulin-interacting peptide sequences are shown in orange. The numbers in the white spacers equal the number of separating amino acid residues. The triangles and numbers above each protein family model indicate the position and the phase of conserved introns, respectively. The positions of the left and right most introns are not drawn to scale.

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