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Figure 1

From: Pervasive survival of expressed mitochondrial rps14 pseudogenes in grasses and their relatives for 80 million years following three functional transfers to the nucleus

Figure 1

Slot blot survey for the presence or absence of rps14 in the mitochondrial genome of members of the Poales. Shown are 24 of 38 Poales taxa examined by slot blot hybridization with mt cox1 and rps14 probes from Oryza. The three boxed taxa have highly reduced hybridization of rps14 relative to cox1, suggesting that most of all of rps14 has been lost from the mitochondrial genome. Positive (Arabidopsis) and negative (Allium) controls were chosen based on the results of Adams et al. [4]. The two probes were hybridized sequentially to the same membrane, which was stripped in 0.1 × SSC at 100°C after the first hybridization.

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