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Figure 7

From: Evolution and expansion of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE and PPE multigene families and their association with the duplication of the ESAT-6 (esx) gene cluster regions

Figure 7

Orthologues of M. tuberculosis PE genes present in the genomes of M. smegmatis , M. sp . KMS, M. avium paratuberculosis, M. leprae, M. ulcerans and M. marinum. PE genes identified in the genomes of M. smegmatis (highlighted in blue), M. sp. KMS (highlighted in grey), M. avium paratuberculosis (highlighted in purple), M. leprae (highlighted in yellow), M. ulcerans (highlighted in teal) and M. marinum (highlighted in green) are superimposed on the phylogenetic tree generated for the PE gene family in M. tuberculosis H37Rv (see Figure 5). M. avium paratuberculosis-, M. leprae-, M. ulcerans- and M. marinum-specific genes are omitted. M. flavescens, M. vanbaalenii, M. sp. MCS and M. sp. JLS PE genes show a similar distribution to M. smegmatis and are thus not indicated on the figure.

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