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Figure 2

From: Eurasian and African mitochondrial DNA influences in the Saudi Arabian population

Figure 2

Haplogroup (preHV)1 phylogeny based on thirteen complete or nearly complete sequences. The Iberian Peninsula (IP969) and the seven Saudi Arab (Ar) sequences are from this study. Five additional sequences were taken from the literature as detailed in Methods. Numbers along links refer to nucleotide positions with i indicating insertions, d indicating deletions, underlining indicating recurrent mutations in the (preHV)1 haplogroup. From the star all individuals present the following mutations with respect to rCRS: 263, 750, 1438, 2706, 4769, 7028, 8860, 14766, 15326. All mutation differences are detailed with respect to the revised Cambridge Reference sequence (rCRS) [66]. Our eight sequences were given GenBank accession numbers [GenBank: DQ904235], [GenBank: DQ904236], [GenBank: DQ904237], [GenBank: DQ904238], [GenBank: DQ904239], [GenBank: DQ904240], [GenBank: DQ904241] and [GenBank: DQ904242] for sequences # Ar20, Ar440, Ar505, Ar439, Ar448, Ar194, Ar222 and IP969 respectively.

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