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Table 1 Species and loci sequenced, their sources and geographic provenience, GenBank accession numbers, and status as nomenclatural types.

From: Phylogenetics of Cucumis (Cucurbitaceae): Cucumber (C. sativus) belongs in an Asian/Australian clade far from melon (C. melo)

Species DNA source Geographic origin of the sequenced material rbcL gene matK gene trnL intron trnL-F spacer rpl20-rps12 spacer ITS spacer
Cucumella aspera (Cogn.) C. Jeffrey O. H. Volk 2789 (M) Namibia DQ785826 DQ785842 DQ785868 DQ785868 DQ785854 EF091850
Cucumella bryoniifolia (Merxm.) C. Jeffrey M. Wilkins 214b, seeds cult. in Tucson, Arizona Republic South Africa DQ535798 DQ536657 DQ536763 DQ536763 DQ648165 EF091851
Cucumis anguria L. var. longaculeata Kirkbride (section Aculeatosi, series Angurioidei) R. Seydel 3439 (M) Namibia DQ785827 DQ785843 DQ785869 DQ785869 DQ785855 -
Cucumis dipsaceus Spach (section Aculeatosi, series Angurioidei) H. Schaefer 05/510 (M) Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania DQ785828 DQ785844 DQ785870 DQ785870 DQ785856 EF093513
Cucumis ficifolius A. Rich. (section Aculeatosi, series Angurioidei) J. E. Weiss s.n. (M), cult. BG Munich Tropical East Africa DQ785829 DQ785845 DQ785871 DQ785871 DQ785857 -
Cucumis heptadactylus Naudin (section Aculeatosi, series Myriocarpi) W. Giess 168 (M) Republic South Africa DQ785830 DQ785840 DQ785872 DQ785872 DQ785858 -
Cucumis hirsutus Sond. (section Melo, series Hirsuti) N. B. Zimba et al. 874 (MO) Zambia DQ535799 DQ536658 DQ536804 DQ536804 DQ536542 -
Cucumis humifructus Stent (section Melo, series Humifructosi) H. Merxmüller & W. Giess 30150 (M) Namibia DQ785831 DQ785841 DQ785873 DQ785873 DQ785859 EF093514
Cucumis hystrix Chak. (subgenus Cucumis) S. Suddee, W. J. J. O. de Wilde & B. E. E. Duyfjes 2503 (L) Doi Chiang Dao, Thailand DQ785832 DQ785846 - DQ785874 DQ785860 EF093515
Cucumis melo L. subsp. melo (section Melo, series Melo) Store-bought cantaloupe Unknown DQ535800 DQ536659 DQ536764 DQ536764 DQ648166 -
Cucumis melo L. subsp. agrestis (Naudin) Pangalo (section Melo, series Melo) D. Podlech 32603 (M) Prov. Nangahar, Afghanistan DQ785833 DQ785847 DQ785875 DQ785875 DQ785861 EF093516
Cucumis metuliferus Naudin (section Aculeatosi, series Metuliferi) B. de Winter & W. Marais 4614 (M) Angola DQ785834 DQ785848 DQ785876 DQ785876 DQ785862 EF093517
Cucumis metuliferus Naudin (section Aculeatosi, series Metuliferi) J. Berhaut 7478 (M) Senegal DQ785835 DQ785849 DQ785877 DQ785877 DQ785863 -
Cucumis myriocarpus E. Mey. ex Naudin (section Aculeatosi, series Myriocarpi) S. S. Renner et al. 2801 (M), cult. Mainz BG Republic South Africa DQ785836 DQ785850 DQ785878 DQ785878 DQ785864 EF093518
Cucumis prophetarum L. subsp.prophetarum (section Aculeatosi, series Angurioidei) K. H. Rechinger 28768 (M) Quetta, Pakistan DQ785837 DQ785851 DQ785879 DQ785879 DQ785865 EF093519
Cucumis sacleuxii Paill. & Bois (section Aculeatosi, series Angurioidei) H. Schaefer 05/411 (M) Usambara Mts., Tanzania DQ785838 DQ785852 DQ785880 DQ785880 DQ785866 EF093520
Cucumis sagittatus Peyr. section Melo, series Hirsuti) D. Decker-Walters 1124 (FTG) Namibia DQ535802 DQ536661 DQ536806 DQ536806 DQ648168 EF093521
Cucumis sativus L.; Generic type (subgenus Cucumis) 1 S. S. Renner 2745 (M), cult. BG Munich 2 S. S. Renner 2822 1Unknown 2Guangxi, China 1DQ535747 1DQ536662 1DQ536765 1DQ536765 1DQ648169 2EF093522
Cucumis sp. nov. HS414 P. I. Forster 9514 (NE) Australia EF174480 EF174478 EF174486 EF174486 EF174482 EF174483
Cucumis zeyheri Harvey & Sond. (section Aculeatosi, series Angurioidei) D. Decker-Walters 1114 (FTG) Natal Republic South Africa DQ535803 DQ536663 DQ536807 DQ536807 DQ648170 EF093523
Dicaelospermum ritchiei C.B. Clarke; Generic type; originally spelled Dicoelospermum H. Santapaa 13354 (MO) Khandala, India DQ535806 - DQ536811 DQ536811 DQ536546 EF093524
Muellerargia timorensis Cogn. Zehneria ejecta F. M. Bailey; Generic type D. L. Jones 3666 (NE) Queensland, Australia DQ535777 DQ536704 DQ536842 DQ536842 DQ536571 EF093525
Mukia maderaspatana (L.) M. Roem. The type species of the genus, M. scabrella (L.) Wight, is a synonym of this name. J. Maxwell 02-434 (CMU) Chiang Mai, Thailand DQ535761 DQ536705 DQ536843 DQ536843 DQ648182 EF093526
Mukia javanica (Miq.) C. Jeffr. H. Schaefer 05/133 (M) Yunnan, China EF174479 EF174477 EF174485 EF174485 EF174481 EF174484
Myrmecosicyos messorius C. Jeffr.; Generic type P. R. O. Bally B15187 (EA) Lake Elementaita, Kenya - DQ536706 DQ535872 - DQ536572 EF093527
Oreosyce africana Hook.f.; Generic type H. Schaefer 05/450 (M) Usambara Mts., Tanzania DQ785839 DQ785853 DQ785881 DQ785881 DQ785867 EF093528
Oreosyce africana Hook.f.; Generic type E. Phillips 2821 (Z) Malawi DQ535833 DQ536711 DQ536845 DQ536845 DQ536576 -
  1. Numbers in bold indicate sequences newly generated for this study. Herbarium acronyms follow the Index Herbariorum available online at the New York Botanical Garden's web site. BG = botanical garden. Sections and series of Cucumis are from [12].