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Figure 6

From: Quantitative genetic analysis of life-history traits of Caenorhabditis elegans in stressful environments

Figure 6

Schematic representation of the chromosome II QTL. Schematic representation of a region of chromosome II showing the dauer larva development phenotype of (A) RILs with an N2-like, DR1350-like or recombinant genotype between markers 11 and 13 (Figure 5A), this defines the QTL to lie to the right of marker 11 (red arrow) and (B) N2, DR1350 and four NILs with varying regions of the DR1350 genome introgressed into an N2 background (Figure 5B), which therefore defines the QTL to lie between markers 9 and 12 (red line). The data from A and B combined therefore define the QTL to a 208 Kbp region between markers 11 and 12. DR1350 genotype is shown in blue and N2 genotype in yellow, thinner black lines denote regions where recombination has occurred between flanking markers and the genotype is therefore not known.

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