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Figure 7 | BMC Evolutionary Biology

Figure 7

From: Topology of evolving, mutagenized viral populations: quasispecies expansion, compression, and operation of negative selection

Figure 7

distribution of Ka and Ks ratio (non-synonymous mutations per nucleotide, and synonymous mutations per nucleotide, respectively) along the consensus sequence of the protein-coding region of the genomes of FMDV MARLS, RAp35 and RAp45. The origin of the populations analyzed is depicted in Figure 1B. The sequences have been compared with that of C-S8c1. Ka and Ks were calculated with the software K-estimator [68]. The genomes were analyzed in windows of 200 nt and a shift of the window of 100 nt in each step. The scaled protein-coding region of the FMDV genome is indicated in the abscissa [23, 24]. The confidence intervals (dotted horizontal line) were calculated by k-estimator using Monte Carlo simulations [68]. A) Ka ratios. B) Ks ratios. C) Comparison of Ka and Ks ratios for RAp45.

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