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Figure 6

From: Sox genes in the coral Acropora millepora: divergent expression patterns reflect differences in developmental mechanisms within the Anthozoa

Figure 6

Spatial expression pattern of NvSoxC during Nematostella development. Asterisks indicate the blastopore (B, C) or oral pore (H) when it faces out of the page, otherwise the oral pore is oriented to the left and aboral is to the right. (A) Early cleavage stage, (B) gastrula stage, (C) late gastrula stage, immediately after blastopore closure. (D-F) planula stage, (G) expression in pre-tentacles, (H) oral pore view of G, (I) early metamorphosing planula, (J) late metamorphosing planula stage with further retraction of pharynx towards aboral pole, (K) late metamorphosing planula which has finished elongating, (L) primary polyp.

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