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Figure 3

From: Genetic diversity in two sibling species of the Anopheles punctulatus group of mosquitoes on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands

Figure 3

Maximum Parsimony (MP) consensus tree for 760 bp ITS2 haplotypes in nuclear ribosomal DNA using the HKY85+G model. The trees were rooted with An. koliensis. Bootstrap values of > 90% are shown above the branch in italics and posterior probability values of > 0.90 are shown below the branch. S1 and I1 indicate haplotypes of An. farauti s.s. of the Solomon Islands and An. irenicus, respectively. For species collected from multiple sites, species names are followed by localities. AUS, Australia; PNG, Papua New Guinea; SI, Solomon Islands; Van, the Vanuatu Islands; G, Guadalcanal; N, northern part; S, southern part; Rab, Rabaul; Q, Queensland. Sample codes and GenBank accession number for each specimen are given in [additional file 1].

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