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Table 3 Parameters used in model. Default values used to generate the figures, and assumptions made in sensitivity analyses.

From: The emergence of leaders and followers in foraging pairs when the qualities of individuals differ

Variable Description Default values for figures 1 and 3 Default values for sensitivity analyses
c max Largest cost possible 4.0 state units 3.0 state units
g max Maximum gain during a period 8.0 state units 6.0 state units
k Error in decision making 0.0000001 0.0000001
λ Population adjustment constant 0.1 0.1
m A Predation risk when foraging alone 0.00050 --
m R Predation risk when resting 0.00010 --
m T Predation risk when foraging together 0.00025 --
μ F Mean cost of foraging 2.5 state units --
μ R Mean cost of resting 1.0 state units --
ν Mean gain from foraging 5.0 state units --
ψ s.d. of energetic gain when foraging 2.0 state units --
S Maximum state possible 40 state units 40 state units
σ F s.d. of energetic cost of foraging 0.5 state units 0.5 state units
σ R s.d. of energetic cost of resting 0.5 state units 0.5 state units