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Figure 3

From: PhyloSort: a user-friendly phylogenetic sorting tool and its application to estimating the cyanobacterial contribution to the nuclear genome of Chlamydomonas

Figure 3

A graphical cladogram representation of the tree ((( a , b ), c ), ( d , e )). In the tree, x is root, a, b, c, d and e are terminals (leaves), and y and z are internals. To determine whether a, b and c are monophyletic, the following steps are performed: I. The paths from x to a, b, and c are (xyza), (x → y → zb), and (xyc) respectively. II. The longest shared segment among the three paths is (xy). III. The LCA of a, b, and c is y. IV. The subtree rooted by y contains only a, b, and c. V. a, b, and c are monophyletic in the clade rooted by y.

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